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#963: Vodou Initiation Group --- Grey replies to DeGraff


OKAY!  Thank you, Michel, you have given me the opportunity I have been 
hoping for.  :-)  And it's worth understanding, because it gives insight into 
the Haitian psyche.

The heart of the Vodou is the initiatory djevo, the room where initiates are 
secluded during their ceremonies.  The djevo is a time capsule, a magic 
carpet, and a Star Trek-style transporter all in one!  When you go into the 
djevo and undergo the initiation cycle, you step outside of normal space and 

Lwa come to visit, Houngans and Mambos come to visit.  The initiate passes 
through dimension after dimension.  The transformative power of the djevo is 
undeniable!  Even people who can't stand each other go into the djevo 
together because they want the kanzo, and they go in muttering about "kenbe 
ne ou pou bwe dlo santi", hold your nose and drink dirty water, you know?  
When they come out, they are the tightest, best bonded friends you can find.  
People go in sick and come out healthy, people come out ten years younger 
than how they went in despite the rigors of the initiation.

But you can't stay in the djevo forever.  You have to come out, and you have 
to be carefully prepared and protected and reborn and brought before God.  
You have to be kept wrapped up and concealed from malevolent intent until you 
are baptised.  You have to be fed special foods to strengthen you.  It goes 
on and on, Michel, and the skilled service of the Vodou in a house like the 
one where I serve is really a pleasure, both from the point of view of the 
priests and priestesses and from the point of view of the initiates.

I really wish every single person in the USA would kanzo!  I'm serious, there 
is NO parallel to this anywhere in American culture.  I was confirmed in the 
Episcopal church and the whole ceremony took an hour.  Big deal.    So DO, 
come with me, Michel, or go with someone else, but if you come with me I 
promise you I will take you safely into the heart of the Vodou and safely out 
again.  You will be remade, reborn, renamed.  And you will be empowered, 
strengthened... aaahhhhh, I could go on and on.

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra", 
     Good is rare - Haitian Proverb

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