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#964: 60 Minutes : Gill comments

From: markgill <markgill@ecosse.net>

Curious that Preval considers the DR as dismal for sending Haitians back to
Haiti with a fair hearing regarding citizenship, while the 60 Minutes piece
shows Haitians in prison for two or more years just waiting for some sort of
trial......i think it was mentioned that sometimes the "crime" which caused
the imprisonment would result in only a 30 day sentence......

USAID will never solve this dilemma, even if another billion dollars was
spent.....because, the government in Haiti has never shown much interest in
a fair system of justice.....the elites dont go to prison and the peasants
dont matter......

Dr Mark Eric Gill, Envoy to Caribbean
International Association of Educators
  for World Peace, NGO-United Nations
Albert Schweitzer Society, International