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#965: 60 Minutes on November 14 : A response to earlier post


I would disagree with LMB on the 60 minutes piece.  The Haitian government is 
not allowed to proceed in a democratic way towards its aims of justice.  The 
United States government undermines any sovereign action by Haiti.  I thought 
that was pretty clear in the piece.  The US brags about millions and billions 
in assistance and gives it all to US citizens who are unqualified for 
anything but ensuring the efforts fail.  The US wants Haiti to be miserable 
and poor, dependent on our subsidized farm produce, ready to fill sweatshops 
for US textile and other industries.  The US has been in firm control of 
Haiti for over a century and is responsible for its condition.  Haitians have 
struggled and resisted this oppression valiantly like all of Latin America.  
Haitians have the misfortune of being in great proximity to the US with its 
racist hegemonic designs.  The US has always and continues to export terror 
to the Americas from the military training schools like Fort Benning.  That 
is the cause of the dead bodies in the streets of Port au Prince.  
In a different segment on the same 60 minutes episode, the former president 
of Yale defined the US contribution to the world as Democracy, which to him 
means "competition."  The US is always working to stay ahead and on top and 
from our founding it has been accomplished with racist violence and genocide 
wrapped in hypocritical claims to be selfless liberators.
The US has always sought its way.  It believes that democracy for Haiti means 
that we get the outcome we want.  The US government does not believe that a 
democratic process and orderly elections define democracy, not in Haiti and 
not in the US.  That is why it was opposed and opposes Aristide with violence 
and lies.  60 minutes has pointed this out in its interview with Toto 
Constant and now with its expose on USAID.  Let's not forget the FRAHP 
documents we stole from Haiti which illegally prevented the Haitian goverment 
from pursuing justice.  Haitian justice means uncovering US interference.

Jim O'Hanlon
New Jersey