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#993: Haitian Liberation Theologies : Schweissing asks

From: Daniel Schweissing <dan_schweissing@hotmail.com>

I am interested in learning more about what kinds of materials are available 
on Haitian liberation theologies.

I am familiar with the more obvious works which have been translated or 
written in English such as Aristide's _Parish of the Poor_  and numerous 
articles by Aristide and Roger Desir that have appeared in religious 
journals over the years such as _Witness_, _Sojourners_, and _The Other 

Are these English works an accurate representation of Haitian liberation 
theology or are there other works by other theologians written in 
French/Kreyol or translated into English that I am not aware of?

Also, after doing numerous library searches, it seems that there is almost 
no published scholarly analysis of Haitian liberation theology.  Am I 
correct in concluding that this is a relatively uncharted area in academics 
or have I simply been unsuccessful in locating the right resources?

Daniel M. Schweissing

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