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Second 1000 messages begin on new server

On June 24, 1999 I sent out the first message from Webster
University's major domo list serve.  Today I sent out message
number 1000.  My numbering hasn't been perfect and there have
been a few doubles and a few without numbers, but 1000 is
pretty close.

Remember the list remains a moderated list, so all messages get sent
to me at this netcom.com address.  Also, please know that you are
encouraged to write your own subject line to save me the work.

Also, when responding, PLEASE, do not just write over the top of the
old message.  I then have to take the time to delete it.  Just start
a new message, or copy off the few lines of the other note you need.

Now, les get movning on that 2nd thousand on the new server.  Ah,
here's a philosophical question:  When does this cease to be the
"new" server and just become "the server"?  

Best,  Bob Corbett