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#1000: Seven UK NGOs lobby UN on FRAPH/FADH docs. (fwd)

From: Charles Arthur - Haiti Support Group <haitisupport@gn.apc.org>
>The following letter was sent to the Permanent Missions to the United
Nations in New York of Argentina, Canda, France and Venezuela - four of the
five countries who act as the informal group known as the "Friends of
Haiti" (the other is the United States). A similar letter was sent some
days later by Daleep Mukarji, Director of Christian Aid, and Susi Bascon,
coordinator of Peace Brigades International British section. All seven
non-governmental organisations work in or on Haiti.
>3rd November 1999
>Re: The Haitian FRAPH/FADH documents and the United Nations General 
>Assembly resolution on Haiti.
>On behalf of the British non-governmental organisations listed below, we,
>the undersigned, are writing in support of the request by Mr Adama Dieng,
>the United Nations independent expert on Haiti, that the FRAPH/FADH
>documents held by the United States authorities are returned to Haiti
>and in their entirety.
>We understand that Mr Dieng in his report on Haiti to the General Assembly
>on 4th November 1999 will once again request the return of these documents,
>and stress the important contribution they can make to the struggle against
>impunity in Haiti.
>We hope that the resolution to be drafted and then presented to the General
>Assembly will include Mr. Dieng's recommendation regarding these documents.
>We believe that it is important that the UN General Assembly has the
>opportunity to vote on a resolution that includes reference to the need for
>the documents' return, particularly as the US troops in Haiti who took the
>documents were representing the United Nations pursuant to UN Security
>Council Resolution 940.
>We note that Mr Dieng's recommendation for the return of all the documents,
>in line with the request made by the Goverment of Haiti, is supported by the
>UN Civilian Mission in Haiti (MICIVIH), three former winners of the Nobel
>Peace Prize, members of the US Congress and the European Parliament,
>human rights organisations in Haiti, Amnesty International and Human Rights 
>Watch, many other non-governmental organisations, and many thousands of 
>individuals all over the world.
>Yours sincerely,
>Fiona Hale
>Latin America and the Caribbean Desk Officer, ActionAid;
>Charles Arthur
>Coordinator, Haiti Support Group;
>Denis Hawes
>Head of Programme, International Cooperation for Development;
>Catherine Matheson
>Director, War on Want;
>Maria Teresa Aguirre
>Regional Development Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, 
>World Association for Christian Communication.
>cc. The Permanent Mission of the United Kingdom to the United Nations, and
>The Permanent Mission of Haiti to the United Nations.
Haiti Support Group    (haitisupport@gn.apc.org)