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#1011: ...but IS Haiti your country? Scott replies

From: Alan Scott <chiefalan@yahoo.com>

Blaming U.S. "domination" for Haiti's ills is
unrealistic. Are Americans robbing and killing
Haitians in the streets of PAP? Are Americans making
money off of the backs of poor, un/under-educated
Haitians in Haiti? I don't think so. While I agree
that there is certainly oppression in Haiti, that
oppression is more likely to come at the hands of a
Haitian than an American. For too long, Haitians
themselves have been guilty of the
repression/expolitation of the citizens of Haiti.
While foreign governments have tried to help, it
unfortunately seems like the country is going to have
to sink under its own weight before things get better.
We have to ask ourselves: How much better off is the
life of an average Haitian since the times of slavery?
I can't think of a single president in Haiti's history
who has been more concerned with the plight of
Haitians than lining his own pockets with money. Until
all Haitians recognize that the only solution to a
unified/prosperous Haiti lies with Haitians
themselves--working togehter for the good of all
citizens, the country is doomed to relive the past
mistakes of its forefathers.