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#1012: ...but IS Haiti your country? Claudel replies to Scott

From: Robert Claudel <CRobert@smsocs.com>

Reply to Alan Scott's Post:

As much as it pains me to admit this, Alan you are absolutely right and I
would be remiss if I didn't concur with your comments.  Haitians have not
yet mastered the concept of self sufficient and it is not surprising to me
at all.  What is needed, particularly in the Haitian Government, is a
resurgence of self identity, get away from the prevalent selfish approach,
the "ME  ME" syndrome and the ability to do for their own people instead of
blaming every Tom, Dick and Harry.  The sad part is the ability for some
well educated people to buy into this concept of "victim"; consequently, it
becomes somewhat of an excuse across the board why the country cannot move
to a more positive path.  


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