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Exhibition catalogue of Jorgen Leth's collection

Some months ago Ingegerd Petersen wrote to the list about an art
catalogue of the Leth collection showing in Denmark.  Many of you
wrote in about how to get the book.  She wrote back with instructions and I
followed them.  Today the book arrived and it is simply spectacular,
marvelous, wonderful, beautiful and filled with glorious color prints of
many contemporary painters, what gallery director Reginald Lally calls
"difficult" art.

There is lots of text and it is in Danish and English.

I have no idea what I paid for it until my visa bill comes.  I was charged
350 in Danish currency and I'll have to wait and see what that amounts to.

I just sent a note with my visa card numbers to:

Arnold Busck Boghandel
Brandts Klaedefabrik
Brandts Passage 37
5000 Odense C
Denmark,   Europe.

Be sure to enclose your own mailing address!!!!  You'd be surprised, I
get book order often without that essential ingredient.

I recommend the book to anyone who loves Haitian art.

Bob Corbett