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#1013: About Vodou Initiation. Answer to 986 & 990 (fwd)


Yesterday, a quiet observer of this list wrote me the following:
"You naughty girl, you know better than to tease the monkeys! Not only do 
they scream hysterically, they have the nasty habit of throwing doodoo in 

Quite true. I am sure Mambo Angela and Max Beauvoir have a life and much more 
spiritual things to do than answering low blows.

Despite what some want to believe, money is in no way tied to initiation. No 
amount of money has or can buy anyone initiation just as lack of money does 
not deny anyone initiation. There are expenses, no one denies that fact. 
Bargain basement prices bring to mind my mother's
saying that "the cheapest always become the most costly."

I don't want to cultivate the seed of Jihad now, therefore I quit.

Bebe Pierre Louis
"Latibonit desann k m pa sot la, mwen s zakasia mwen donnen nan branch 
Extract from a Vodoun song: "The waters of the Artibonite river are rising, 
my heart doesn't beat any faster. Like the flower of the acacia tree, I bloom 
on its own branch."