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#1021: Re: simido replies to Scott (fwd)


In a message dated 11/19/99 4:41:03 PM, <chiefalan@yahoo.com> writes:

<< Are Americans making
money off of the backs of poor, un/under-educated
Haitians in Haiti? I don't think so. While I agree
that there is certainly oppression in Haiti, that
oppression is more likely to come at the hands of a
Haitian than an American. For too long, Haitians
themselves have been guilty of the
repression/expolitation of the citizens of Haiti.
While foreign governments have tried to help, it
unfortunately seems like the country is going to have
to sink under its own weight before things get better. >>

1. - what about the legacy of US company's sweatshop labor in haiti, i.e 
Disney, baseball manufacturing, etc ???

2.- does funding/supporting organizations such as FRAPH while under the 
pretext of 'restoring democracy" - by the accounts of military personel 
themselves, really qualify as "helping" ??

While i agree that the responsibility does lie within Haiti herself, and the 
country has yet to really break free of the legacy of oppressive 
government/military regimes...... I think you are over simplifying the