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#1021: Request for help

From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

From: dinah@atconnex.net [mailto:dinah@atconnex.net]

I have exhausted all resources in my long effort to find a way (through
sending e-mail) to the above Mission in Section 6 (West) Geographical
Department of Haiti, in specific I need to contact the Field Director (last
known name Mitchelle Mothersil).  I live in Canada (the Province of Ontario)
and am a disabled woman who has sponsored through Christian Children's Fund,
a little girl at this mission for almost 7 years now.  All my efforts to
send her small gifts and cards for her birthday, Christmas and other
holidays have been confiscated by Haitian Customs. (I was told they were
stolen). This is a child, not unlike most children in your country who may
be in need of medical intervention and education that cannot be funded.  I
wish to speak through e-mail (from my end, due to my disability it's easier
for me, than writing) so I can assess this little girl's situation in an
effort to provide whatever is required.  PLEASE help me, or direct me to
someone in Haiti that can (Port-au-Prince).  With the onset of the Holy
Season, I need her to know my prayers are with her.  Thank you for the
wonderful work you're doing and the services/information you provide.  God
Be With You in your continued efforts.

Please respond directly to the person who sent the note.

I anxiously await a response.  Most sincerely,

Dinah E. LYNN