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#1032: On Ayitian Deportation from DR (fwd)

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>

Ayitians and pro-Ayitians are screaming and jumping against the latest
wave of Ayitian expulsion from the Dominican Republic (DR). All these
angry reactions is to force the DR authority to slow down or stop the
deportation, I assume. To that possibility, may be added the sheer
refusal of DR authorities to stop which is their "right" to do so. In
either case, Ayitian living conditions would remain the same. 

	This is a situation that necessitates practical/sound solutions to do
away with the problem once and for all. Such solutions are not in
neither one of the above; for they bear the seeds of recurring
deportation. In 1997, if I am not mistaken there was such a hoopla, but
that was cooled down after angry reactions (or for other reasons). When
will be the next episode in case that DR stops all deportation now?

	I don't think the true solution is being searched for. Marching,
signing petitions and all that come with it will not resolve the
problem. Yes! it may force the DR authorities to back down for a while,
but for how long? These are true problems that must be resolved. How to
do it should be the issue, rather than being vexed, tagging the DR of
all kind of names. "Intellectual" creativity comes into play in the
midst of hostility. Means for a better life must be found. Imagination
is the missing variable in the equation.

	Had Ayiti or Ayitians been in the DR's shoes, they would have done the
same thing. This is an inherent characteristic of mankind. This
selfishness that props human beings to be so evil is a shade of poverty.
This is very common among poor whose survival is put at stake by another
group. DR is also a very poor country, but better off than Ayiti; its
reaction is quite expected. And it comes out in all kind of forms:
racism, ethnic cleansing according to some, and all the rest. 

	These are the manifestation of poverty. They have not gone beyond the
survival line yet in order to think more humanly and be altruistic. They
have not yet reached the intellectual level to erect ethical boundaries
in their actions (that goes for Ayitian as well); the sole culprit is
poverty. I am not even sure they know how to create a second class
citizen (needless to say a third class citizen) and integrate it in
their system or way of living. 

	Imagine Ayiti one day to be cruising on the road of progress and
leaving DR behind. Of course there would be a flux of Dominicans going
through the border to work, because Ayiti would offer better living
opportunities. This form of economic migration has always been with men.
Because Ayiti still a poor country, but better off than DR, Ayitians
would feel a sense of superiority and behave the same way that
Dominicans are behaving today. This is the evil that is within us,
mankind, and manifests itself when one is in the state of poverty; don't
we fall in delusion and let's be objective.

	The whole problem is an economic problem that can be resolved, not by
another FUGEE's concert, but by real thinking on the part of Ayitians
from all corners. I think it's a great opportunity for the Ayitian
authorities to roll up their sleeves, show what they can do for the
people and reestablish the Ayitian pride. Embracing all the returnees
without shouting at DR is the thing to do. All deportations should be
coordinated with the DR authority. That needs to be the only reason for
a pourparler with the DR authorities, but not to ask for any favor which
is demeaning.

	There is room in Ayiti for the returnees. They can be put in better
use. They could be engaged in the rebuilding process of the country, for
whatever basics the government would provide for them in return. The
problem is within Ayiti and must be resolved within Ayiti. Once this is
done, there will be no need for Ayitians to want to go to DR (anywhere
else for that matter) to seek for work. Then, only leisure would force
them out of the country for a short while. Ayitians must stop begging.
Ayitians must start thinking. Ayitians must start building an Ayiti for

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live