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#1032: New book on Haiti : Chamberlain

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

An excellent little book explaining the ecology of Haiti to kids has just
been published in France.  Brightly coloured and illustrated, it's by
French ethnologist and anthropologist Gérard Barthélémy (long involved with
Haiti) and his former wife Mimi Barthélémy, the well-known Haitian
conteuse.  Each topic is accompanied by a story told by Mimi.

Haiti, la perle nue
Un documentaire pour comprendre l'écologie
90 pages, about $13.

Published (in French) by:
Vents d'ailleurs, 4 allée des Argelas, 13790 Châteauneuf-le-Rouge, France.

Greg Chamberlain