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#1052: Haitians in Cuba : Lyall replies

From: Jedidiah Daudi Lyall <dlyall@cruzio.com>

>I don't see the cuban govenment deporting any Haitian national. I will bet 
>you i some pro-U.S. government (nightmaring) were to take over Cuba we would 
>see the sam ethnic cleansing taking place agains haitians and others in Cuba.

>what's your opinion? I'd like to know.

I have heard that some starving people in boats made of  two by fours
have landed in Cuba and been deported. This is just rumour, I've never
seen a news report about this, and of course unless CNN 
( the pentagons PR department ) plays a story it doesn't  happen.

I have asked poor Haitians about this. Cuban seamen walk the streets
of coastal towns and sell cigars. I've said "there is food and work in
why don't people go there instead of all the way to Miami?"

They say: There is food there, but no money.

Well, this is true, probably. It appears that people would rather risk
their lives on the dangerous journey to Florida than the easy day trip
to Cuba.

I work with a Cuban guy. He's been here for 30 years 
and hates the communists of course. Recently I asked him about
Haitians in the east. He says yes, there are "french" speaking
blacks in the east. He said that it is not really french that they
speak, but that they call it that.

The "spanish" Cubans seem to think that Haitians are
dangerous. Miguel says that they fight with machete.

J. David Lyall or
     Jedidiah Daudi
dlyall AT cruzio DOT com