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#1051: Haitian Books in spanish : Vedrine gives source

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com

Gaulier's (potery book store in Harvard Square, corner of Plympton/Mass av.) 
carries some translated works by Haitian writers such as Paul Laraque... The 
literary review, "CULTURA", published in Haiti (Castera Fils, Manno 
Eugene... also contribute to it) is another source to locate some of these 
translations. The Central Square Library Branch (Cambridge, Massachusetts) 
also carries some literary works by Haitian artists in which some 
translations can be found. Some other people to contact might be Prof. 
Maximilien Laroche (translator & critique/Prof. of Haitian Lit. at 
"Universite Laval", Quebec), Jack Hirchman & Boadiba (translators of some 
Haitian poets), Prof. Leon F. Hoffman (Prof. of Haitian & Francophone Lit., 
Princeton). And CASA LATINA (review) carries works by some Haitian writers.