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#1057: Episcopal Church in Haiti (fwd)


        Max Blanchet of Bahaco suggested I write to you.

        I came back from a ten day delegation to Haiti last month in which 
the members presented a school bus to (former) President Aristide for his 
foundation in Port-au-Prince.  From there the delegation visited with various 
"grass roots" developmental projects, etc. over the country.
        On coming back I've been assigned to do a cyber interview with the 
Episcopal bishop in Haiti, Jean Zache Duracin, which he has agreed to do.  
But before this is to be published I have been asked to do a 500 word 
backgrounder on the Episcopal Church in Haiti. For this short article I have 
a deadline of Dec. 10th.
        Therefore, would you be so kind as to post this query on your 
listserv.  I would like any information on the history and the current work 
of the Church in Haiti that your correspondents could provide me.  Also, any 
relevant sources that are available in English or French.  I live in 
Berkeley; so, I am near decent academic libraries in the area.
        Please have your correspondents reply to me directly or to reply to 
your listserv & to cc me.
        Thanks, & a Happy Thanksgiving!

                                                        Geoffrey Cook