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#1058: Re: Haitian Voodoo Assignment #2 from Judi (fwd)


<< The only real puzzle I still have concern the possession of an evil 
spirit.  I know Kathy kind of touched on that in her response to the 
assignment, but I still question the validity of exorcisms.  It doesn’t sound 
to me like exorcism is an integral part of Voodoo and the way I understand 
it, not all people who practice Voodoo beiliev in exorcism.  Am I right or 
have I misunderstood?  Do those people who practice Voodoo believe that they 
can really be possessed by an evil spirit that needs to be removed? >>
According to my husband, no, Vodouissants are not worried about being 
possessed by evil spirits. There is nothing like exorcism in Vodou. 
Possession is part of the process and it is not something that must be 
stopped.  However a good part of an Houngan's job is protecting against evil 
spells, either before or after being cast on the unlucky person.