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#1074: Re: Some medical news to share (Prostate) Antoine replies

From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

Félix Augustin wrote:
"Prostate is very frequent in black people.  So I want to share the
good news with Haitians.  Please let someone you know suffering
from prostate try saw palmeto.  It could be a great relief for them."

I am not a medical doctor nor do I play one on TV...  But I think that
it is important to receive a professional opinion  when advice is
given on medical matters in a forum such as this one.  So I asked
one of the several doctors in my family, and here is what she had to
add to Felix's advice.  Note that the prostate is not her specialty,
so this is an informed but not necessarily expert opinion.

" F. Augustin uses the word "Prostate" as do many Haitians as tough
this were the disease itself, and not a gland.  I suspect that his uncle
had a simple hypertrophy of the prostate that occurs with age and
causes urinary difficulties.  I do not know about Saw Palmeto but I
suspect that it may help like Cranberry juice or similar sustances.
Soon, they will selectively microwave the prostate and cause it to
shrink.  Even the so feared Cancer of the Prostate no longer kills
most of the affected.  I am not sure of the scientific reason for the
suggested remedy, if indeed there is one. "