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#1075: An almanac in Creole (fwd)

From: D. R. <Djenn@mail.saks-ht.org>

SAKS just published a "people's almanac" which has a lot of information on the Haitian democratic movement, Haitian history, the struggles fpr human rights, etc., as well as some information on similar struggles in other countries or at an international level (on the Declaration of Human Rights, on the Sandinistas, etc., for example). 

The agenda is 128 pages long, with a color cover and black and white interior. On each right hand page is one week, and on the facing page are a series of photos, texts, and drawings. It is in Creole and is called: Ajennda Popile 2000 - Nou pap domi bliye" which means "Popular Agenda 2000 - We will not sleep the sleep of forgetting."  

If you would like a copy of the agenda, please send US$10 plus $2 shipping to:

B.P. 15639
Petion-ville HAITI

Please do not send US Post Office money orders, as these are not good outside of the US.  (For more information contact saks@saks-ht.org) Thank you for supporting the work of SAKS and the Haitian people!  

Jane Regan
Port-au-Prince Haiti