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#1094: On Haitian/Dominican March, Slavin Comments (fwd)

From: Patrick Slavin <pslavin@unicefusa.org>

On Gregory Dunkel's post that the Nov. 20 Haitian/Dominican demonstration was
"was the first time anyone could remember that Haitians AND Dominicans...held a
joint demonstration," a footnote. In 1991 under Aristide 1, or perhaps when
Ertha was president in 1990, there were demonstrations in Port-au-Prince against
mass Dominican expulsions of Haitians that were occurring under Balageur. At one
protest, some of the marchers were sign-carrying Dominican prostitutes from 
Grand Rue. A little bit of color, as they say in the news business, but the
humor was rich in PauP after TeleHaiti broadcast that report.