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#1092: Re: #1067: On Ayitian language reality: Savain comments

From: Roger E. Savain <resavain@konpitek.com>

For more than 150 years they have been trying to impose the French language
to the Haitian people. Today, in the Haitian "society", English is equally
spoken if not more than French.  Haitian Kreyol is the national language of
Haiti. The country will be better of when a large majority of its population
will learn how to read and write Kreyol. By then this population will not be
monolingual but polyglot, because by its own choice, it will also learn
English, Spanish, French and any other language that will satisfy its needs
and practical or aesthetic interests.  "Pale franse pa di lespri pou sa men
pale plizyè lang pèmet konprann ti lespri bezwen fennèt."

Roger E. Savain