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#1091: Bio of New special Haiti coordinator (fwd)

From: LMB <lauretteb@yahoo.com>

This is the bio of Donald Steinberg.


Biography: Ambassador Donald Steinberg
Special Representative of the President and Secretary of State for Global
Humanitarian Demining

On December 18, 1998, Donald K. Steinberg was appointed to the position of
Special Representative of the President and Secretary of State for Global
Humanitarian Demining. In this role, Ambassador Steinberg will advance
President Clinton's "Demining 2010 Initiative," designed to eliminate the
threat of landmines to civilians around the world by the end of the next
decade. He will encourage international efforts to accelerate mines action
programs, promote mine awareness in affected nations, develop new projects
to assist survivors of landmine accidents, deepen the outstanding
public-private partnerships now emerging, and work with the United
Nations, non-governmental organizations, and foreign governments in the
fight against these hidden killers. 

Prior to his appointment, Ambassador Steinberg served as U.S. Ambassador
to the Republic of Angola from 1995 to 1998. Before that, he served as
Special Assistant to President Clinton for African Affairs and Senior
Director for African Affairs at the National Security Council. Mr.
Steinberg began his service at the White House in May 1993, when he was
named Deputy White House Press Secretary for National Security Affairs,
Special Assistant to the President, and NSC Senior Director for Public

Ambassador Steinberg is a career Senior Foreign Service officer with the
personal rank of Minister-Counselor. From 1990-93, he served as Counselor
for Economic and Commercial Affairs and Officer-in-Charge at the U.S.
Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa. In 1989-90, Mr. Steinberg served as
Senior Policy Advisor for Foreign Affairs and Defense to House of
Representatives Majority Leader Richard A. Gephardt. Prior to this, he
served as the first Director of the House Task Force on Trade and
Competitiveness. He also acted as Chief Textile Negotiator at the Office
of the U.S. Trade Representative from 1988-89. 

Mr. Steinberg, 45, has wide-ranging international experience, with Foreign
Service postings in Angola, South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, Mauritius and
the Central African Republic. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California,
he received his Bachelor's degree in economics for Reed College in
Portland, Oregon, and Master's degrees in political economy from the
University of Toronto and journalism from Columbia University in New York
City. He is fluent in Portuguese, French and Malay. 

He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Robert C. Frasure
Award for International Peace in 1996, the Presidential Meritorious Honor
Award in 1994, Columbia University's Pulitzer Fellowship and Hough Award
for Excellence in Print in 1984, and three Superior Honor Awards from the
U.S. State Department. He was also recognized by the State Department's
Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Civil Rights in 1993 for his
commitment to equal opportunity and advancement. 

Ambassador Steinberg was also the recipient of fellowships from the
American Political Science Association, the University of Toronto and the
State Department. He has lectured extensively in the United States and
abroad on U.S. trade policy, Africa, and the role of Congress in foreign
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