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#1193: comparative brutality (Wrenn responds) (fwd)

From: Pamela Wrenn <pamoja_t@hotmail.com>

While I find the history of the African Holocaust to be very complex and a 
topic of intense interest, there is something very unsettling for me when I 
hear people "waxing" the topic with this "comparative brutality" string.

My question is two-part: Do people discuss the Jewish Holocaust in this same 
"comparative brutality" vein? (as if there was a "kinder, gentler" approach 
to mass genocide) Also, do discussions like this somehow make the 
descendents of the oppressed and the oppressors feel somehow less 
uncomfortable about the history of the African Holocaust?

I hope that I don't offend anyone when I make this analogy, it's just that 
with the _millions_ of African (and indigenous) peoples that were massacred 
throughout the history of slavery in the Americas, I've yet to find a better 
analogy which reflects the magnitude.  Any takers?

Pamela Wrenn-Roberts

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