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#1211: Re: UNESCO prize awarded to Professor Georges Anglade (fwd)

From: Paul Philippe Anglade <angladep@yahoo.com>


Paris, October 30 {No.99-235} - UNESCO has awarded the
International Jose Martí Prize to the painter Oswaldo
Guayasamín who died recently. The Prize will be
presented on November 4 by Director-General Federico
Mayor at Organization Headquarters (Room XII, 6.30
p.m.) to the daughter of the artist, Verenice
Guyasam*n, and Honourable Mentions will be awarded to
Milagros Palma Guzmán and to Professor Georges

The Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamín, who was
born in 1919 and died in March this year, is renowned
for his work depicting the Indian tragedy and the
sufferings of the peoples of Latin America. He died
before completing his monumental project the "Chapel
of Mankind".

Milagros Palma Guzmán, of Nicaraguan origin, is a
woman of letters and researcher specialising in the
sexual symbolism of the oral literature of Amazonian
Indians and Latin-American farmers. She is committed
to building a bridge between Latin America and France
through the creation of a publishing company.

Haitian born Georges Anglade, who is a university
professor in Quebec (Canada), divides his time between
teaching and writing. He has just published a book on
Haitian oral tradition, the Lodyans.

The International Jose Martí Prize was created by
UNESCO's Executive Board in 1994 at Cuba's initiative
to promote and reward an activity of outstanding merit
contributing to the unity and integration of countries
in Latin America and the Caribbean, and to the
preservation of their identities, cultural traditions
and historical values. The laureate receives the sum
of US$ 5,000 and a diploma. The International Jose
Martí Prize is awarded every two years. The first
laureate was Professor Albert Bautista in 1995. No
prize was given in 1997. 


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