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#1212: Bilingualism: DeLatour replies to Valdman

From: Mario L. Delatour <mardel@gol.com>
Tokyo japan

> I do have a questions of Corbetters: In Haiti, does the expression
> pointu" refer to French? In France, it is used byC Southern (Méridional)
> speakers to refer to Paris French.
In the Haitian context,"parler pointu" is applied to a Haitian person whose
French accent differs substantially from the "standard" Haitian French
accent. It does'nt necessarily mean that whoever is speaking in a "parler
pointu" mode will be labeled a Parisian. However,upon hearing that person's
accent,one is likely to conclude that the person might have spent time in
France or any other French speaking country in Europe.
"Parler pointu" also means a Haitian person whose French accent is clearly
exaggerated. It is generally assumed that that person is trying too hard to
sound "French".Often that person is ridiculed.
In recent years there was a Haitian parliament member (de facto government)
by the name of Dupiton,his French accent was so"out there", he became a
comical figure in the Haitian senate. The term "parler pointu" was often
used in reference to Dupiton. What made it even more funny was that Dupiton
had been a car salesman in N.Y.for many years.