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#1222: Bilingualism: Ballard comments

From: Linda Wood Ballard <linda.ballard@hci.utah.edu>

> From:NLaleau@aol.com
> I haven't been following this debate (again) with very great scrutiny because
> I think we already beat it to death --

    The topic is not beaten to death if it keeps standing up.  There are very
valid arguments on both sides and as with any emotional issue it NEEDS continued
discussion until some sort of concensus forms.  However, as Barnes and others
have now pointed out, the concensus is not going to come from our august Corbett
group, but will come from the new generation in Haiti and in the diaspora who
are evolving into what they are without regard to our debates.

    My concern is that although the debate is ostensibly about education, while
the debate takes place, NO education is happening.  I may have a rather
science/techno-centric point of view compared to most in this group, but can't
we learn mathematics in any language?


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