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#1251: Rose Anne Auguste (fwd)

From: merrie archer <merriea@yahoo.com>

> I am passing along a request from Mitch who is editing a book for the UN
> on human rights activists.  He is seeking information from someone who
> knows the work of Rose Anne Auguste.  Please respond directly to him.
> Merrie 
> 	Hello Merrie!
> 	    Here are the questions for the piece on Rose-Anne Auguste.
> As I noted, I work at the United Nations, putting together a book and
> website called the Global Atlas of Human Rights. It chronicles 30
> activists from the past fifty years of human rights work, and is
> intended for a worldwide youth audience.
> The piece on Rose Anne Auguste will be in three parts. The first part is
> concerned with the situation in Haiti. The second part is concerned with
> Ms. Auguste's personal story. The third part is concerned with the work
> Ms. Auguste has done.  Our writer for this project is Ms. Wendy Seeley,
> a graduate student in New York who met Ms. Auguste several years ago.
> Because of the tight deadline we are under, we were wondering if we
> could ask several questions about Ms. Auguste and her work, to get
> material for the piece. If you'd like to point us to other specific
> web-based information sources for the answers, that would be great, too.
> Also, if these questions seem wrong or unproductive, feel free to share
> what you think is the key to Ms. Auguste's work. 
> 1. In the 1991 coup, why was the military so focused on closing the
> medical center?
> 2. Did Ms. Auguste have a background as an activist before her actions
> during that coup?
> 3. Is there a specific moment or event that defines Ms. Auguste as an
> activist? In lay terms, what in her made her help?
> 4. What has been the greatest success of Ms. Auguste's medical work?
> 5. Where are Ms. Auguste's energies currently focused? What remains to
> be done?
> We are trying to get the initial website up by next Friday, as I
> mentioned, so we are a bit pressed for time. I'm not asking for finished
> thoughts so much as some informational angles, so I hope the burden of
> time associated with this email is pretty light.  Thank you so much for
> your help, and I hope to hear from you soon.
> Kind Regards,
> Mitch Stripling
> Global Atlas for Human Rights
> Chief Editor
> Email me directly: mitch@bodhitree.net
> Phone at the UN: +1 (212) 963-3167
> Mobile Phone: (917) 673-0928

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