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#1250: Creole vs French : Delatour comments

From: Mario L. Delatour <mardel@gol.com>

from Mario L. Delatour mardel@gol.com
Tokyo Japan

I applaud the participants contribution to the Creole vs French debate.It
has thus far been a most informative and enlightening one. It is an
important issue and somewhat  emotional one,it is certainly one that needs
to be addressed. However this an issue that can drag on forever if we dont
reach some sort of consensus .We risk "beating it to death" as someone has
said on this list.
 This discussion has dwindled down to a mere 2 or 3
participants in the last few days.Mr Corbett has informed us that there are
800 people on this list. Where are they? Have they all gone to sleep on
this issue? Are they not interested? Or are they too intimidated as
persons" to face the so called "experts"on this issue ? Or are they
giving us a hint for the discussion to move on to another topic? We are
here I believe, to discuss crucial problems facing Haiti and the Haitians.
For better or for worse Haiti has existed in the last 195 years with this
dualism of creole and French.Meanwhile there are some crucial problems
Haiti today that we are not talking about.
Has anyone been to Haiti in recent months to experience the "Heavy
atmosphere"of the "Drug lords"and the drug culture in Haiti. Has any one
seen the invasion of the "Hood culture" in Haiti.
On a recent trip to Haiti for "60 Minutes" I was astounded to find the
number of inmates at the Penitencier National who spoke english. You
guessed it , US deportees.One of them clearly told me that he did'nt know
how many people he had killed. That prison along with a couple of other
ones I visited were infested with young hard core criminals who clearly had
the States as their training ground.How is that for a topic for discussion
on Corbett Land ?
Lets stick to the drug issue here for those of you that are clearly
detached from Haiti's current reality. Would anyone care to discuss this
topic that is eating away at the very core of Haitian society.
In recent months two "well to do" kids from two "prominent" families were
arrested in Santo Domingo, and a third one is on the loose somewhere in
Haiti. Their crime ? They shot and killed 5 Dominican Taxi drivers for
petty cash.Under a mean  and serious "interogation"by Dominican authorities
they confessed to another 18 crimes(murder,extortion,theft) while they were
in Haiti. Crimes that Haitian authorities had not solved or opted not to,
because of who these
kids were.
So while we "chill" on Corbett Land and discuss Creole vs French
endlessly,Haitian society is being eaten away by "Drug culture." 
One "Drug King" snatched up 4 homes in an upscale neighborhood for a
million bucks. What kind of a message is that sort of thing sending
to today's kids in Haiti? Where have the morals gone? Out the
window,obviously when you look at the example of the two kids mentioned
At the rate things are moving folks,"Hood english" is moving in Haiti fast
and putting a serious dent on this Creole & French discussion of ours. For
the uninformed pundits, whats cool in Haiti today is" YOH ..WHATS UP
BROS..WHAT IT BE.." and a 9mm tucked away under a shirt some where + a
couple of keys of Columbian "Coke". Does anyone know about ZAM CREOLE ?
Well its a pipe,a spring & a trigger. A Haitian homemade version of  a 12
gage shotgun,crudely manufactured by kids. Very deadly and thre's a bunch
of them.

 Folks "It aint the same Haiti no more". Would any one care to discuss this