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#1249: Seeking a translator for a book : Goff asks

From: Stan Goff <stangoff@all4democracy.org>

[Please reply directly to Stan Goff]

I've been quietly "listening" to the discussion on Kreyol.  I am looking for
someone who might be willing to translate my account of the 1994 military
intervention (a first-hand account from a retired Special Forces soldier,
turned Haitiphile) into Kreyol.  My Kreyol is limited and poor, but slowly
improving, but the translation of this account is way beyond me.

The first three parts of the account are FINALLY successfully posted at
www.fatbrain.com/ematter (type in either Stan Goff [my name] or Like to a
Little Kingdom [the title] at the "search box").

I don't have any money, and don't have any ideas on actually printing a
Kreyol version up for wider distribution except through philanthropy.  But
having it done would go a long way toward that goal.  Anyone interested,
give it a look, and get back to me at mailto:sherrynstan@igc.org


BTW, an enlightened emperor in what is now Korea alphabetized the spoken
language some time ago and this led directly to an exponential increase in
literacy.  This is an imperfect analogy, but basic textbooks in Kreyol would
surely go a long way toward ameliorating Haitian illiteracy.  This is not a
quetion of competing priorities with food, health care, etc.  This is a
question of giving the Haitian people this additional power to fight for
their liberation... from hunger, from disease, and from the Northern
oppressor who has so diligently perpetuated Haitian misery in order to
profit from it.  Haiti doesn't need our help.  Haiti needs our solidarity in
her struggle for self-determination.  It's different.  Solidarity means
taking sides.

Good holidays to all.

Stan Goff