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#1248: french/creole song : A response to Morse


It is certainly not French, but purely Ewe, at a certain level.
- "Erhu-e" means "sun-God" in their language.
If we wish to dig further, 
- Heru or Horus, in Egypt was a solar God originally, distinct from the son 
of Isis and Osiris. His name was "HWR" , "the One from Above", sun and 
celestial Divnity,
- Arwe was the Divine Snake sometimes seen as a Dragon by the Ethiopians.
And to conclude wasn't El-WA the name of God in the Old Testament (pl. 
Elohim) ?

Here is another one for the French speakers:

     Hounsi Dambala to,
    (k)Pò lò vigè é!
    Hounsi Dambala to,
    Nayitè kongo.
    Nayitè konvi M'ba,
    Nayitè kongomi M'ba,
    Hounsi Dambala to,
    (k)Pò lo Nayitè kou M'Bélé!
    Hounsi Dambala to,
    Anayitè kongo,
    Anayitè kriyòl konvi M'basi Dambala to,
    Oni Dambala to,
    Anayitè to, Oni M'ba.