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#1292: Creole literacy for native speakers: Schweissing asks (fwd)

From: Daniel Schweissing <dan_schweissing@hotmail.com>

Greetings, it is likely that my wife and I will be going to northern Haiti 
(Limbe, Cap-Haitian) next year to work with Baptist schools and churches in 
the area.  My wife is a dominicohaitiana, born in the Dominican Republic to 
Haitian immigrant parents.  Consequently, she speaks fluent Kreyol, the 
language of her home, but received all of her formal education through 
university in Spanish.  She is currently a bilingual educator 
(Spanish/English) in Denver and hopes to use her skills as an educator when 
we go to Haiti.  Her concern, however, is that she does not know how to read 
and write Kreyol fluently.  Is anyone on this list aware of any programs or 
self-study materials that are directed towards helping native-Kreyol 
speakers, who are literate in other languages, develop literacy skills in 
Kreyol.  Thanks.

Daniel M. Schweissing

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