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#1311: Re: medications (fwd)

From: Prudy Nelson <prudy@qtm.net>

I returned last night from a medical trip to Haiti.  I take
medications/medical supplies to, and work in, a clinic in Montrouis.  For
the first time my medications were confiscated by Customs.  They could
provide no reason other than I lacked appropriate paperwork.  All
medications were in-date.  I had my medical license and a donation
certificate.  It took two trips from Montrouis to PAP, several hours of
aggrivation and some money to get the medication released.  By that time
they were of no value for my trip.

Can anyone explain the legal reason my meds were taken?  Is there some
paperwork I should acquire beforehand?  From whom?  I want to avoid this
happening again as it rendered my trip almost useless.  Thanks, Corbettland,
for the help!

Prudy Barrett Nelson (MD)