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#1313: Responding to Nadine's comments (fwd)


Corbett Land,

I am glad Nadine is changing the subject. I want to add that whites are not 
only buying the records. They are also the audience. If one goes to 
predominantly black artist events, be it performing arts like concerts plays 
or comedies or visual arts exhibits like paintings or sculpture,  caucasian 
is primarily the audience. 

What does this phenomenon indicate? Is it economics? Is it lack of 
appreciation for the arts from the black community ?

I can give anecdotes related to the latter question. I brought back couple 
art pieces that I bought in Centre D' Art in Haiti and gave one to a 
relative. He said he does not want it in his  house.  A haitian came to my 
house and saw mahogany pieces and paintings in my living room and kitchen and 
said to me "Why don't you put them in the basement? whereas "a blan" said to 
me" Your place is like  a museum.
While organizing an event with my parish council, I suggested to have story 
telling, poetry reading and art exhibits. The response was" Nekita, Ide sa a 
pa bon menm." This is not a good idea  at all.

I don't know about other black groups. However I attended a presentation by 
Afro -American artists lately entitled " Why is white the audience? What I 
gather is black artists don't get support from their black brothers and 

I bought a  magazine called "Kompa" last September. It looks a Haitian Vibe 
or Source (hip-hop magazines) version. Are the editors on Corbett Land? 

I have heard a lot from  linguists. Let's hear from musicians, painters, 
actors, comedians  and other artists now.