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#1333: Fires rages in Haitian city of Jeremie (fwd)


Fires rages in Haitian city of Jeremie 
06:41 p.m Dec 10, 1999 Eastern 

 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Dec 10 (Reuters) - A fire raged in the southwestern
Haitian city of Jeremie on Friday, charring at least 10 houses but so
far killing or injuring no one, local media  reports said.            
The blaze started in a residential area of old wooden colonial         
houses near the main marketplace. It has destroyed four houses, damaged
six others and threatened the main street, according to reports from
Jeremie monitored on radio stations in the capital.  Firefighters have
appealed to officials in the capital Port-au-Prince for help, the
reports said.  The cause of the fire was unknown. With a population of
about 50,000, Jeremie is the fifth largest  city in Haiti, the poorest
nation in the Western Hemisphere.