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#1334: aubelin jolicoeur responds on education

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

i agree that education should be done in the students maternal 
language...my only objection is the "lauback" system which deprives the 
creole language of its linguistic roots which are african and 
french...the lauback system, imposed by americans, was created by 
americans to facilitate their own communication with haitians, while a 
language should have its own etymological roots.....for instance when 
felix morisseau-leroy wrote "diacout" it was one of the most beautiful 
things i could read...it was originally written in the native creole 
spelling system, based on french and african...when it was translated 
to the new "lauback" creole spelling system, the poem lost its soul, i 
could hardly read it because the system was foreign to me...i felt i 
was cut out of my culture....

aubelin jolicoeur