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#1335: Scooby-doo : MOrse comments

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

who would have thought "scooby doo and voodoo" (note the spelling of 
vodou)...how can you run from a spirit?....people have been 
missinterpreting vodou for the longest time...nothing new...perhaps 
hanna-barbera received a lucrative contract from psych-ops 
(psychological-operations) to keep your and my and our kids in line 
with the more "acceptable" religions....if they were ridiculing the 
jewish faith, then the anti-defamation league would probably get on the 
hotline, etc...."where have all the lawyers gone"....if i had an e-mail 
for hanna-barbera i wouldn't mind sending them a note...in the meantime 
remember "you can run but you cannot hide"...

richard morse