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#1336:Questions about Leadership : Morse replies

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

each leader has to have his own attributes and personality, depending 
on the times...if politicians don't believe in a system, the system 
will never work...if a president doesn't believe that the prime 
minister should run the government, he'll never choose one that wants 
to...each leader has specific needs that they have to address on behalf 
of their electorate...success encourages the electorate...while george 
bush was making the world "safe for democracy", bill clinton came along 
and said "its the economy dummy".... sometimes a country needs a 
revolutionary and sometimes a country needs an administrator... a good 
revolutionary is not necessarily a good administrator or economist or 
negotiator....haiti needs social stability, infrastructure, education, 
investment, a functional economy and a functional government...who can 
provide this...who can negotiate haiti through the roadblocks and 
impasses... a couple of years ago we had a parliamentary election in 
haiti and very few people voted... no one was able to rise above the 
muck muck of partisanship and resolve the problems at hand...maybe they 
didn't want to resolve the problems...maybe haiti doesn't need a 
parliament...maybe its not ready yet...maybe with proper leadership, 
either from within the parliament or from without, the parliament could 
have been saved...maybe it wasn't worth saving...each period in history 
requires very special qualities in a leader...haiti needs simultanious, 
multi-directional advancement... haiti needs to attack on all 
fronts...is it possible?....is there a candidate that can co-ordinate 
the necessary manpower to improve the economy, the infrastructure, the 
educational system, the insecurity issue, build a functional government 
and do it all at once?...does haiti have to compromise on some of these 
necessities?....some leaders, when they can't solve particular issues, 
create an enemy and blame all the belt tightening on the "great 
enemy".....some leaders are there just for the money or power...they 
give little weight to the advancement of the country or its people or 
its culture (take what you can, while you can, and get out)...look how 
quickly castro turned cuba's literacy rate around, on the other hand 
people aren't permitted to freely express themselves in cuba....look at 
clinton's economic miracle, meanwhile kids are walking into schools and 
shooting their classmates....

national sovereignty isn't really the issue at this point.. haiti is a 
soveriegn nation, period....haiti, however, is not self-sufficient, so 
the leadership has to negotiate, barter, trade, buy, borrow with and 
from other nations in order to gain self advancement... and of course 
the more you need something, the more expensive it gets..
a great number of haitians believe that the process is going to take 
too long or its not going to happen at all...they're discouraged.. 
they'ld rather just get a visa and try their luck elsewhere...make 
their money elsewhere, get their education elsewhere, give their 
children a chance, somewhere where there's more hope....like the 
dominican republic(mass deportations) or miami(death at sea or 
imprisoned in detainment centers)....
a leader has to help the people remain optimistic through tough times 
(f.d.roosevelt, winston churchill, nelson mandella, mohatma ghandi)...a 
leader must have commitment,must communicate well, must have a sense of 
integrety and of course, must "bring home the bacon"...

richard morse