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#1337: Scooby-doo : Duncan replies

From: rick <rduncan@zoomnet.net>

I think someone is a little carried away here. Scooby, Shaggy, and friends
were in their prime in my childhood years and I think that they are now
entirely or mostly re-runs. They have made something of a resurgence due to
cable outlets like the Cartoon Network, Hanna Barbara's attempts to make a
little more marketing dough from older properties, and from some new
comedians-my age and younger-who fondly remember the unlikely adventures of
a talking (sort of) dog and his teenage cohorts, traveling the US solving
lame mysteries. Scooby Doo was on for many years in different formats. Like
any TV show that lasts long enough, they ran out of ideas. In its lasts
days, the show featured the gang running into Abbot & Costello and Batman &
Robin, for pete's sake. I don't believe that the Haiti/Voodoo story was
anything other than just a throwaway script, with no ulterior motive and not
much brainpower behind it.

Let's not get paranoid here.