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#1395: MOrse adds on traditional songs

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

the traditional haitian songs which have been handed down from 
generation to generation are a "masterpiece" catalogue of haitian 
literature...old creole, new creole, african creole etc....the songs 
offer incisive insights to life and relationships...the words often 
seem to have more impact when they are sung or recited, but the 
spirtual and poetic nature of this body of work is undeniable...many 
"hit" songs from the modern racine bands (RAM, Boukman Experience, 
Boukan Guinin, Azor, WAWA, the Crowing Rooster ceremonial recordings 
etc.) come from this "catalogue"...the songs, in other words, are still 
being handed down through oral tradition...the modern advantage is that 
they are recorded on CD, cassette, and vinyl for future generations who 
don't or won't have access to the ceremonies...

richard morse