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#1367: Taino People in LaGonave : Perrault comments

From: ange perrault <ange.perrault@mail.tju.edu>

I have kept silent long enough!

Concerning the TAINO people of La Gonave, we should pack them on a boat
and send them back to Canada and France, because if we are not careful
they will claim the land, and we may have to surrounder it to them.

there are studies being conducted in Puerto Rico where they have found
that the PR population was able to maintain 51% of their DNA of Taino origin.
Where did they get the DNA sample of TAINO they are compare with?
Of course their is no mention of how much percentage of their DNA is of
African origin.

We should take what I call the TAINO PHENOMENON seriously, because haitians
and people of African descents will be the one holding the short end of the stick

Taino went the way mohawks, apaches, cherokees went.

Ange R. Perrault, Ph.D.