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#1368: Immigration of African-American to Haiti under Boyer 1825 (fwd)

From: ange perrault <ange.perrault@mail.tju.edu>

I would like to group to help me find some resources in the States:

My wife is a consultant who is trying to put an exhibit in Philadelphia
about the migration of Africans back to Africa that where invited by Boyer
to settle in Haiti, while being compensated for their travel and journey.

I have gone to Bibliotheque Nationale in Haiti, they had information
but I had to negotiate since I did not have a library card.
The lack of electricity made hard to read the back in the poor light
of the back rooms.  I have some information from the Thomas Madiou

I wanted to know if anyone on the list had information where original documents
may be:  Letters, decrets, presidentials arrets... anything.

thank you

Ange R. Perrault, Ph.D.