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#1412: Questions about Leadership: Gill replies to Antoine

From: mark gill <markgill@midwest.net>

> From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>
> Mark Gill said:
> << until Haiti is no longer seen as a fiefdom of the small elite class, i
> am afraid that such questions are not relevant...
> i think your questions will go unanswered... >>
> Well, Mark, I am happy to contradict you>

I have studied oligarchy for 30 years....and, i have lived in a number of
countries like Haiti where this form of govt ruled and continues to do
so.....and, of course, i have lived in Haiti.....

you may receive 10,000 answers to your questions......but, that is not what
i was trying to say.....i should have said that no matter how many answers
you get, there are only a limited number of options for effecting real
change where a traditional oligarchy rules....

change wont occur from afar.....meaning, it can only occur within Haiti and
not from those in the US......

I understand the desire by many for change......i have discussed this
subject for years with many about Haiti.....

oligarchy never gives up its place.....it has to be taken from those who
rule......and, there are only a few ways to do this.....