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#1413: Scooby-doo academia (aka creolists' tics): DeGraff comments/ a rejoinder by Bellegarde (fwd)

From: P D Bellegarde-Smith <pbs@csd.uwm.edu>

	DeGraff writes eloquently. It does not escape him that the West,
in its "denigration" of Haitian (Creole) and all creoles, has had powerful
allies in the world of the colonized as well. This is a case of simple
psychology, described by many others, such as Frantz Fanon. Additionally,
it is these groups vested interest, culturally, emotionally, economically,
socially, to maintain the status quo. These elites in Haiti and abroad,
were left behind to continue to implement a "plan," one that could be
predicted by the "culture" these elites had received. Charles de Gaulle
told the French not to fear decolonization, since France had placed
thrusty elites in command of the "new" and "independent" countries. He was
right. > > > 
	I would like to add to DeGraff's analysis, the the "denigration"
of Haitian Vodun, Haiti's national religion, comes from the same impetus,
as those the difficulties had by Vodun's siblings, Santeria, Orisa Vodu,
Candomble, Umbanda, Shango, Obeah, Pukumina and other African-derived
religions. These religions are found "wanting" as is Creole, as are the
peoples who practice them or speak them are found defective. Black
Haitians and other Blacks must thus "redeem" themselves in the eyes of the
Lord (Western Civilization). In response to a question about Western
Civilization, Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi who has suffered its depredation,
answered, "it would be a good idea."
	It is not just the Haitian elites who have problems with dark
complexions and "bad hair," but all populations, elites and non-elites the
West has tried (and succedded) in (re)creating at its own image. "Natives"
shall speak English (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch), shall be
converted to the ONE true faith, shall be forced to become civilized, even
if they have to perish in the attempt. (There is more than physical
			P. Bellegarde-Smith
			University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee