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#1429: NYU-Maya Deren Haiti Photos $ Others- Exhbition (fwd)

From: Tequila Minsky <tminsky@ix.netcom.com>

Just saw newly printed and never seen (archival negatives) Haiti
photos by Maya Deren at NYU Grey Art Gallery. Part of exhitibion:
(For those that don't know, Maya Deren filmed hours of ethnographic
films in Haiti. She is also known as an experiemental filmaker.)

Inverted Odysseys
Claude Cahun, Maya Dren, Cindy Sherman
Grey ARt Gallery
100 Washington Sq. E.
closed Dec.24-Jan. 4, then open T-Sat. until Jan 29.
There is a catalogue of this show too.


Also, experimental films by Maya Deren are part of the exhibition.

Exhibition handout has a page writen by the cocurator--Maya Deren and Haiti.

Also: Panel Discussion, Jan. 21
Maya Deren's films: Intersections of the Divine, the Ethnographic
and the Avant-Garde.

January 21, Friday, 4:30
Main Building, Room 300/enter at 32 Waverly Place

Gage Averill (isn't he a list member?), ethnomusicolgist
Jonas Mekas, Anthology Film Archives (Maya Deren's film's are archived there)
Anenette Michelson, Cinema Studies, NYU
Shelley Rice, Cocurator 
C. Daniel Dawson, Public Programming, Museum of Nat'l History, NYC