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#1448: The labeling of Haiti : Madhere comments

From: Madhere, Wesley  <Wesley.Madhere@turner.com>

I'd like to propose we begin a writing campaign to editors of major newspapers and magazines everywhere to put a stop to this nonsense once and for all.  The basis of the argument is not about disputing the fact that Haiti is "economically" poor, but the fact that she's being "labeled" as Guy has so eloquently put it. Are we not constantly reminded by the press of this so-called 'fairness in reporting" to "maintain complete objectivity?"  Well, based on that premise, shouldn't every country then have a label?  For example, the press could define a label for the U.S. on the fact that the U.S. possess the largest number of KU KLUX KLAN, Skinhead and other racist organizations in this hemisphere, thus the label when referring to the U.S. in any article would be: The U.S. "the most racist country in the western hemisphere..." How about Reuters creating a label for its own "neck of the wood" - Britain.  We have heard numerous "reports" about British men going to some parts of Asia !
and engaging, to put it mildly, in sexual activities that involve children prostitutes. Britain could thus become Britain, "the most pedoliphic country in the West.." We could go on down the line and invent labels for every country in the world based on "facts".  Until we are willing to accept such total madness then this "label", "The Phrase" that adorn every article on Haiti should be abolished.  To do so, requires action on our part, let's not just vent our frustration here in Corbettland and then maintain our silence. Let's make it one of our accomplishments for the year 2000.
What I am suggesting is the following. Each time  "The Phrase" is mentioned in an article anywhere, we bombard the editor of that particular periodical with a barrage of letters.  If it's a  small local paper in your city or hometown, I suggest you forward their address/e-mail to the rest of us (those who are interested)so we all can send letters instead of just one person expressing his/her own view.  I believe it requires that kind of collective effort if we to put a stop to it.  Also encourage others in your community who may not be Corbett listers to participate. We can even go the extra step (and I am more than willing to contribute financially)of taking a one-page ad in the New York Times or Washington Post to tell the world  we have had enough and we are not going to take it anymore.  Sorry about the cliche but can any one think of a more dramatic way for us to make a  bold statement on January 1, 2000 in one of this country's largest papers?
Now, I can already hear some of you saying  none this will not change the situation in Haiti.  And you're right, it WILL NOT.  But it will provide, at least for me, a psychological victory not only for me but most importantly for my children who will not have to be subjected to it.
So folks, it is entirely up to us.  We can vent or we can take action.  You choose.

Wesley Madhere