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#1477: Jews in Haiti: Seitz add


Gilbert Bigio is definitely the leader of the Jewish community in Haiti.  The Community used to be quite strong in Port-au-Prince, celebrating Seders and each holiday together.  Leading members sat Shiva for my husband Al Seitz when he died in Haiti in 1986.

Some time in the late 60's and in the 70's, there was an Israeli Mission into Haiti, dealing mostly with Agriculture.  At that time, there was actually an Ambassador from Israel.  When my husband (a Jewish American from New York, direct descendant of Russian Jews)and myself (a Scotch-Irish American from Penna.) ran the Oloffson during that time, we flew the Israeli flag along with the Haitian flag when the Ambassador stayed with us.  

Herb Gold (The Best Nightmare on Earth, etc. etc.) once researched the Jewish connection in Haiti, and either wrote a book or included the info in another book.  Unfortunately for us, Herb is not on email but lives in San Francisco.

There are probably others who know more exact information, but Haiti's connection with Israel is strong.  Didn't Haiti give the deciding vote in the United Nations to declare Israel a country?  Please forgive my almost accurate but slightly failing memory as I am out of New York and indeed out of the country until next week & cannot check facts.