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#1479: Haiti/DR factfile (fwd)

From: ange perrault <ange.perrault@mail.tju.edu>

I wanted to share with the list a book that I have been looking for
and contains a mountain of mis-information:

"Ultimate Pocket Book of the World Atlas & Factfile"
DK publishing, 95 Madison Ave, NYC, NY 10016 (www.dk.com)
ISBN: 07894-3623-X

One of my relatives was given the book as a gift from his job.
The reason why I bought the book is because I wanted to see the breakdown
of the Black population by country according to DK:
Extract form the book:
Population:   6.9 millions
Languages:    French, French Creole, English
Religions:    Roman Catholic (80%), Protestant (16%), Voodoo (4%)
Ethnic mix:   Black (95%), Afro-European (5%)
Dominican Republic
Population:   7.6 millions
Languages:    Spanish, French Creole
Religions:    Roman Catholic (95%), Other (Protestant/Jewish) (5%)
Ethnic mix:   Afro-European (73%), White (16%), Black (11%)

You would not believe what they say about Latin-American (Brazil esp.)