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#1498: Haiti: poorest land.... Foxwell replies to earlier post


What can be said about a political perspective that gains in popularity even as it is responsible 
for more rape, plunder, tyranny and chaos than any other in the history of mankind? Does the 
writer honestly believe that the US is the great Satan? 

Haiti has been politically independent for most of the last 200 years. Poverty, oppression and 
bloodshed have been the politics of Haiti. How are a people steeped in a long tradition of 
blood going to "create immediatly a 'gouvernement d'urgence' which would deal with the 
immediat needs of the country and its people...." Where will the deep seated moral leadership 
come from  that the writer depends upon to bring about fundamental change?

Christians missionaries who teach a doctrine of lovingkindness are, after all, Haiti's only hope. 
Only by changing the hearts and minds of Haitians away from blood, vengeance and tyranny 
and toward a Christlike character will Haiti develop the moral leadership required to do all of 
the wonderful things the writer demands.  

The problems of Haiti are Haitian, not western imperialism. 

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