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#1499: trips (fwd)

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

i would like to warn anyone coming to haiti(including the "trips" 
editor) that if you're coming in through the airport road, its a dirty, 
dusty, sometimes muddy, inexcusable, brown mess, period....i wouldn't 
want anyone who believes the contrary to be responsible for fixing it 
or cleaning it up...if you're looking for more i can keep on 
going...belair, cite soleil, carrefour, delma, san fille, grand rue, 
the iron market, croix bossalles ...anyone who thinks that these are 
acceptable living conditions is the racist....why attack the messanger? 
. please lets not take the "emperors new clothes" attitude ... 
addressing problems is the only way to fix them...imagine having a 
tourism board trying to attract tourism and the point of entry is the 
haitian airport and the airport road...."we're going to start your 
vacation in this cesspool over here...you know the locals are so nice 
we don't even tell them its a cesspool...".."the haitian people are so 
resiliant, they can survive living in these conditions..thats why we 
developed a sort of "leave it be" approach..."..."where do you 
live?"... "who me?...oh, you know, i work for the government... i just 
built a brand new chateau"....

richard morse